Everything You Dreamed Of

by Arvia

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Tyler Nico
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Tyler Nico I love Arvia music style a lot. i just started listening to them but they have serious potential. Keep up the hard work.
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released December 29, 2014

All songs written by Arvia.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Roye Robley.



all rights reserved


Arvia Chicago, Illinois

Pop rock/pop punk from the south suburbs of Chicago.

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Track Name: A Long Lost Introduction
Allie, I've got something to confess
I wasn't as faithful as you might have guessed
When you're here, I promise nothing's second best
But while you're gone, I'm always dreaming of what's next

Will we make it through another year?
This time, I'm not so sure

Cuz you never thought that you would be the one left losing
You thought that I'm the kind of boy to sit here musing over something so far away
Assuming too much, you said you were my one and only
I left a bitter taste, now you're lonely staring at the foot of your door

When you call me, I'm at full attention
My words can't betray me because you're the one who listens
Your neighbors say that we are perfect together
But while you were away, I did some things I said I'd never

My heart is racing, it's all a mess
I need to sit out this round

Cuz I'm all alone now with no way out
I'll try and win her back one day, I swear

Cuz I never thought that I would be the one left losing
The perfect girl who puts up with all my lying and keeps me in my place
Track Name: Allie's Song Pt. 2
I've been taking time from everything I do
Just to say how much I'm missing you
These words I say may not mean a thing
But without you, my heart's gone missing

Take it all, like you've already done
And if you fall, I'll be there to catch you

It seems these days, we live in photographs
But I've got volumes of albums stacked
Of summer nights where we would sit
Under moonlit skies and talk a bit
We can sink the ship or we can swim
But the concrete's slowly setting in
As the world is crashing before our eyes
We can fly up high into the summer sky

I know I was just a mistake
I hate this bitter taste
I'm at the foot of your door
And the neighbors all know
I shouldn't be left here alone
Track Name: If You Think This Song Was Written About You, You're Probably Right
I know I said I'm alright, but I'm not bulletproof
There's no such thing as truthful when there's no such thing as truth
You said you'd never listen to their terrible jeers
Now I'll raise my glass to you, waste of my years

I thought it was love worth my life until you threw our love aside
You were everything I wanted, at least at the time
Now I hope inside you're dying
You're the reason for the rhyme

A love so bitter, kiss so sweet
This broken heart will no longer beat
And I wonder to myself where we went wrong
You played the part, you left your mark
I should have known right from the start
How blind was I not to see this?
Track Name: Don't Fall In Love
I've got bad luck, but these demons are getting tired of me
Just like the girl I wasted almost three months on
Cuz I've got scars enough to paint this song a different color
Just like the plain white of my sinks last night

But I don't blame you, I blame the world
For telling girls like you that it's alright to break our hearts
We could be something to look up to
You'd rather see me off
Take my advice, don't fall in love

You had me worried, you never spoke of what the future holds
Now I lie awake as I await your call
Cuz I've got stories that would make you want me dead
Just a little bit more than you do now

I know you used me, I'm not that dull
I thought we were better than this
Until you shook me with that final kiss
Track Name: Battlefield
Sleep soundly, my love
You know that it's over
You don't have to worry anymore
You get to be who you wanted without me in your way
While I sit here sewing this torn up heart you left with me

Goodnight, and goodbye
At least I had you in mind
When you left me in the dark
All alone with this broken heart
Don't cry for me, you know I'm sorry

Stay safe out there, it's a battlefield
You don't have to fear this world anymore
I'll fall away from your thoughts like bad habits
And you'll forget this torn up heart

For the nights you stayed up crying
And days you said you were dying
I didn't mean for this to end
I just couldn't keep pretending
Just go on and live your life
Be everything you dreamed of